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I am originally from the island of St Lucia also known as Helen of the West Indies. I moved from St Lucia to St. Martin at a very tender age. I have always worked in the hospitality business and held various positions from Busting Tables to Assistance Food and Beverage Manager at hotels such as the Conrad Hilton.

I received most of my Food and Beverage training in the United States and Canada. Although my positions at the hotels were always interesting and exciting, I was always amazed by the service which was offered by the Taxi Drivers to the Tourists on the beautiful island of St Martin.

I moved from the hotel industry to spend some time in France. My stay in France was short lived. On my return to St Martin I decided to establish a touring company with a friend who was in the taxi business. We managed the company for several exciting years offering touring services on the island to visitors who arrived both by sea and air.

After serving visitors from all over the world in St. Martin, we made a mutual agreement to establish our own companies. Today I am proud to present you with my own founded company: BERNARDS TOURS.

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