10 of the most commonly asked questions

1. Can I go on a tour later than the one assigned for my ship?
A. No. You must go on the tour assigned to your ship. We simply do not have the capacity to allow people to switch tours, and we would like EVERYONE to have a chance to experience St. Martin/St. Maarten.

2. Can you accomodate customers at the pier or "walk-up" customers? Do you require advanced reservations?
A. Unfortunately, government regulations prevent us from entering the port areas without a valid reservation, so we cannot accept "walk-up" customers, and all reservations must be made in advance.

3. Is the deposit required? Can I pay in full? How much does it cost to make a reservation?
A. Yes, there is a required deposit. The deposit is $5/pp + processing fees for group tours, and 25% + fees + ($10/pp if more than 5 people) for private tours. We no longer accept full payment.

4. Is and the same thing?
A. Yes. The two are one and the same.

5. What is your cancellation policy? Does it apply if the ship misses the port?
A. 8 business days notice must be given for any cancellations; you may use the form below and reference your reservation number to do this. However, if your ship does not berth at St. Maarten for any reason, refunds WILL be issued.

6. Are there restaurants at Orient beach?
A. A variety of restaurants with varying cuisines are available. Please note that these restaurants charge in EUROS. This can make dining more expensive for customers in countries where the exchange rate favors the Euro. Please note all prices and exchange rates.

7. What is your policy for children? Is the tour children-friendly? What about Orient Beach?
A. Children under two years of age tour for free! If you are traveling with children, Le Galion (nearby Orient) may be an option. Orient Beach has full nudity on the Club Orient part of the beach. Partial nudity MAY occur on the rest of the beach.

8. Are your vans safe? Can we leave our valuables in the vans?
A. We have had no instances of theft in the last ten years. Our drivers are trustworthy and carefully chosen.

9. Will we be picked up/dropped off at the same location? When should we expect to be picked up?
A. Yes. The meeting place is about 3 minutes walk from the ship, located inside the yellow building at the Information desk. For those who are tendered, the location will be right in front of the Court House on Front Street. Click here for more information about your pickup times and locations.

10. Is there duty free shopping in Marigot and Phillipsburg?
A. Yes, we have the best duty free shopping in the Caribbean!

11.How much are tours for children 3 and under?
A. Children three and under ride for Free!

12.Are there any other ways to make deposits?
A. For Travelers that don't use paypal call to make deposit payments over the phone. (954)376-6582